Bonanza Campaign UniFi and Streamyx

Bonanza Campaign Price List for UniFi and Streamyx Appears Online: RM 139 for 30Mbps, and UP to RM20 rebates for Streamyx

Bonanza Campaign UniFi and Streamyx

Bonanza Campaign UniFi and Streamyx

Bonanza Campaign UniFi and Streamyx

Bonanza Campaign UniFi and Streamyx

Why pay more? Why pay more? While to welcoming the new year of 2018 ahead, TM promotes another the surprising Bonanza Campaign to all fellow Malaysian. For UniFi Advance Plan 30Mbps, now you only need to apply as low as RM139 per month. With the exception of UniFi Lite 10Mbps which still costs RM 129 per month!

Not to disappoint other users who need high bandwidth, especially internet bloggers, gamers, and IT professions, there is also price down for 50Mbps and 100Mbps. Now you can get the UniFi and Streamyx packages with the price below:

UniFi Advance 30Mbps: RM 139/month (original price: RM 199)

UniFi Advance 50Mbps: RM 189/month (original price: RM 229)

UniFi Pro 100Mbps: RM 239/month (original price: RM 329)

Other than UniFi users, a special price to Streamyx fans with a super affordable price.

BB 1Mbps: RM 110/month

BB 2Mbps: RM 120/month (original price: RM 130)

BB 4Mbps: RM 130/month (original price: RM 140)

BB 8Mbps: RM 140/month (original price: RM 160)

If you are running a business, or looking for internet at busines properties, this campaign counts you in too. You will be enjoying special price too as shown above! So, what are you waiting for? Apply now by clicking “click here” below or call us for more information!

Pricing are valid for 24 months. Once that period is over, they will be reverted to their original pricing. Campaign promotion lasts until 31 December 2017.

For UniFi application, click here.

For Streamyx application, click here.

FB Fan Page, click here.

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