TM Streamyx Promotion Quarter 3 – Quarter 4 2016

Catch up with the fast-moving world of broadband with our exciting packages. Bring the web’s rich multimedia content to life and enjoy that boost in connectivity with Streamyx! Enjoy the best deals and a range of packages suited to your needs.

LATEST Streamyx Promotion, Campaign “Streamyzer” nationwide and save up to RM240 one year!!

Promotion for NEW CUSTOMER residential customer only.

If you are waiting for Streamyx Promotion, here is the best chance to get a DISCOUNT on your every month Streamyx payment.

Detail of the TM Streamyx Promotion campaign “Streamyzer” as below:-

Streamyx promotion

Streamyx promotion

Streamyx Packages info, click here.

Streamyx Promotion application, click here.

Things you should know:

-Free Wireless Modem – 1 Year warranty.

-Streamyx separates with Phone Package™ rental charges. For example : BB Deal 4Mbps monthly subscription includes Internet and TM-to-TM Telephone charges. Outgoing call charges to other Telco companies and telephone rental would be on a different bill.

-Out going to TM Fixed Line number is Free. Calling to Maxis Fixed Line, TimeDotCom Fixed Line and Local mobile numbers will be on the price of 10cent per minute.

-Internet Speed range from 1Mbps up to 8Mbps. Streamyx connection speed is on best effort basis.

-“Best effort” describes a service that is without any service level assurance. Therefore, service subscribers should receive at least 80% of the subscribed speed within TM domain & subject to certain factors. If the speed falls below 80%, TM will investigate it as a fault and restore the connection accordingly.

-This broadband is recommended for those areas are not within Unifi coverage and you can upgrade Streamyx to Unifi without addtional fee ( until further notice ), after your address has been included in the Unifi service area. For UniFi coverage check, please call to our officer.

-For a new application of telephone line, deposit is RM200 includes telephone deposit, connection fee and stamp duty.

-Deposit for Streamyx application for a foreigner is RM1000, to waive the deposit, foreigner may apply with a name of any Malaysian.


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