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Unifi Coverage is widely available in the major cities now especially KL, JB, Penang and it’s expanding quickly in other states like Perak, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah and Sarawak.

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While waiting for our officer to reply the UniFi Coverage check map or UniFi coverage map colors to you, here is a short and brief story to share with you about UniFi

UniFi is a triple-play service by Telekom Malaysia, offering of Internet access, VoIP and IPTV which is provided to residential and business customers in Malaysia through an optical fiber core network via FTTH for individual housing units and VDSL2 for multi-story buildings depending on the customer premises.UniFi is an amalgamation of “Uni” which denotes togetherness and camaraderie, while “Fi” symbolises fibre optics.

The Residential package is a triple play UniFi service which is called VIP because it comes with three services which are:

V - Video or Internet Protocol Television; 

I - High Speed Internet Access; 

P - Phone

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