Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do I need to pay for the application?

– No, it is free for application.

2.What proof do I have to show that I Have applied for UniFi

– You will be given a copy of application slip that contains all the

details via e-mail, please ensure the provided e-mail during

application is active and functional.

3.What do I need to do after application.

– For successful application, you have to wait 7-14 working days for

installation appointment by TM contractor.

– If you do not receive any e-mail, there are reasons which make

your application does not go smooth, eg, ports are full,

outstanding balance with existing account, information of

application incomplete, etc, please e-mail to to check your status.

4.I still have a lot of questions before I can submit my application, how do I get those information?

– You can call to 1300 88 1515 for Streamyx 1300 88 1221 for UniFi

to get a consultant from TM to help you, or you can drop us a PM


5.What is the difference between HyppTV and Satellite TV?

– HyppTV is different from satellite TV in that it is transmitted via a

broadband network. This gives added benefits such as not being

susceptible to bad weather, as well as fast Internet access via

HyppTV. HyppTV also differs in term of pricing model, which is an

On-Demand approach, which means customers only pay for the

channels, movies or series they want to watch, rather than pay

for the whole package, with no extra monthly fees involved.

6.How do I subscribe to UniFi?

– You can apply via

7.What are the charges like – installation fee, hardware rental, contract etc?

– UniFi’s standard installation is free and no deposits are required.

Beside that, the standard package is inclusive of equipment

worth RM800 that will also be given free-of-charge to customers.

Customers will have to pay the monthly subscription fee for UniFi

along with telephony usage charges and Value Added Services

purchase that are charged separately. The contract period

duration is 24 months.

8.How long does a Streamyx/UniFi installation and troubleshooting take?

– Installation and testing are expected to take approximately 4 to 8

hours depending on the type of customer premise due to the

sensitive nature of and the complexity involved in fibre installations.

The installation process involves site survey, ducting, piping, electrical

work and equipment configuration.

9.How to change my e-mail account password?

– You need be registered with myUniFi account in order to

change e-mail account password.

Sign up for myUniFi account first or log on to myUniFi

customer portal at (if you are already registered).

Under myUNIFI tab, click pull down menu (expand) Billing Account

information. Refer screenshot here.

Click on “Change Service Password”.

Select Service password that you would to change:

TM WiFi or

Email 2GB or


Key in and confirm your new password and click “submit”.

10.Does TM allow customers to appoint their own contractor to perform internal wiring?

– Customers may call their own external contractors to fix the internal

wiring but TM will not be responsible for any damages resulting from

any works done by third parties.

11.Does Streamyx/UniFi have a Fair Usage Policy(FUP)?

– ALL Residential Streamyx/UniFi packages are subject to the Fair

Usage Policy. FUP is a standard global practice to ensure that good

quality of experience is provided to all customers.

12.Can the Streamyx/UniFi package be upgrade/downgraded?

– Customers can upgrade to a higher-priced package at any time

(either within contract period or not). However, for downgrades, a

fee of RM 200 will be charged (this is subject to change).

In the event of an upgrade or downgrade, the contract period shall

be renewed and a new 24-month contract will take effect from the

upgrade/downgrade completion date.

13.What should I do with my faulty equipment?

– If any UniFi equipment is faulty, you may call TM UniFi Centre at

1-300-88-1221. If the fault is due to a manufacturing defect and the

equipment is still under warranty, the equipment will be replaced

with no charge. However, if the fault is non TM related or if the

warranty is expired, you will have to purchase a new equipment.

14.When would I get my first bill?

– The first bill can be expected around 1 month after service is

activated. The first bill will also include a one month advance

payment. For UniFi there is no phone deposit, for Streamyx, applicant

would need to pay for the deposit for phone and activation fees.

15.Where can I make my Streamyx/UniFi payment?

– You can check on this page

16.Is there any penalty to terminate my Streamyx/UniFi service?

– For early terminations, customers shall pay a penalty of RM500.

There will be no penalty charges for termination after the minimum

contract period (24 months). Customers must also settle any

outstanding bill prior to termination. For more information, please

refer to your service Terms & Conditions.

17.Can I relocate my Streamyx/UniFi service? What is the charges?

– Relocation requests can be made at select TMpoint outlets and is

subject to service availability. A relocation fee of RM300 shall apply.

18.I am a foreigner, can I make my application here?

– Yes, you can, please ensure your passport expiry date is more than 2

years from the current date.

19.How do I get my bill statament

-Paper (hardcopy) bill – chargeable at RM8/month via portal services

(currently waived

-Email (softcopy) bill – FREE and will be sent by default to all customers’

preferred email and UniFi email at

-Online Billing via myUniFi portal at (

20.Where can I make my payment?

– You can make payment through myUniFi portal (online payment),

TMpoint, TMpoint Authorised Dealer (TAD), POS Malaysia and

branches of selected preferred online banking channels. Please refer

more on Payment Guides at TM UniFi portal at

5 things you know about installation.

-Minimal drilling is required for fibre installation to the premise. You will be responsible for providing TV and 4-socket extension cord to complete the installation. No installation appointment will be made for premises under renovation.

-All triple play services (internet, voice and TV) must be activated during service installation. Partial service activation is not allowed.

-Account owner or authorised contact person must be available during the service installation. For high rise premises, owners are required to make arrangement with Building Management Office for installation permission, internal cabling and access to telecommunication room.

-Installation fee includes external cable entrance and up to 15 metres fiber cable internal wiring, 15 metres for Ethernet, 15 metres telephone cables and 30 metres for casing (raceway). Additional charges will be applied for cables more than 15 metres and 30 metres casing (raceway) and charges will be included in your UniFi bill.

-For other optional installation e.g. wiring above ceiling, you may appoint your own contractor or deal directly with TM appointed contractor. Payment will be made directly to the contractor. However, additional charges will be applied for standard cables more than 15 metres and charges will be included in your bill.