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TM Point







TM Point is a TM center from Telekom Malaysia to enable Malaysian and foreigners live in Malaysia to subscribe the services and products from Telekom Malaysia. At here, you can make your new application, upgrade application, payment, termination, and many more! You can also make your enquiries or if you seek for any solution consultation for data link like IPVPN Domestic and Global, premium internet line like Metro-E, ISDN PRI, Toll-free service, bundles message service and many more!

However, it is not always convenient for everybody to make an empty time slot to visit TM Point, if you need to register for Unifi and Streamyx broadband service? Or you want to register for phone line and voice deal packages? Here we provide online TM Point as your one-stop online solution to do all the application and more especially for residential and business UniFi and Streamyx!

No queueing up at the TM Points to apply Streamyx! 
 - Save your time, save your money & save your effort

Reduce hassle to
- Find a parking, avoid bad weather, and increase efficiency

Register at your convenient time, wherever you are!
 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Sales Support 
- Get instant professional and precise reply from our officer anytime anywhere you want. 
- Reliable credibility
- Via phone call/e-mail message.

TM Point branch, click here.

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