About TM WiFi, what are the new features?

TM wifi

The new TM WiFi features include improved quality of service and enhanced customer experience. You can now:
  • Use the service for FREE for 30 minutes per day.
  • Reset your password from the landing page.
  • Search for service locations around you on the landing page.
  • Reload your account and pay for usage from the landing page.

You can use any WiFi-enabled devices (such as laptop, tablet or smartphone) to be connected to TM WiFi. At the hotspot with “TM WiFi” logo, enable the WiFi connection on your device and select “TM WiFi” SSID from the list of available network.
b) Launch your internet browser with the connection anytime.
c) When you type any URL in the URL bar, a login page will appear.
d) To enjoy the Free Access, click the “Free Access” button on the landing page and complete the registration form. Alternatively, you may log in using your Facebook account by clicking the “Login with Facebook” button.
e) To use the Free Bundle, link your account to your UniFi/Streamyx account and enjoy 500MB/day for FREE.
f) To use the Premium Access, register a account and enjoy unlimited usage at RM3/day.


Follow the steps below to connect your device to connect to the service

Step 1
TM Wifi

Connect to "TM WiFi"
 under your WiFi list

Step 2
TM Wifi

On the landing page,
 click "Try it for FREE" (Free Access) or click "register now" (Free Bundle & Premium Access)

Step 3
TM Wifi

Login and click "Connect now"
 (Free Bundle & Premium Access)

Step 4
TM Wifi

Enjoy your
 "All new TM WiFi"
Free Access

Free 30Minutes/day,Up to 1Mbps speed

Free Bundle

Free UniFi & Streamyx users Up to 4Mbps speed & 500MB quota/day

Service available for any UniFi/Streamyx subscriber, wait more, apply now!