Things you should know before you start your TM UniFi Speed Testing,

If you wish to learn to check TM UniFi speed, needless to worry or crack your head, you can do the TM UniFi speed test with:-

- - by Ookla

Before you start the speed test, a short and simple information that you should know:-

-Close all internet activities to ensure actual download and upload reading is clear.   

-Repeat the test for at least 3 times and get the average speed(better reading).

-TM policy guarantees 80% of the package you subscribe, if the reading does not show, you can make a report to TM call center.

5 Steps to easily check your UniFi speed using Ookla Speedtest

UniFi Speed Testing

UniFi Speed Testing

Step 1: Close all windows and browser.

Step 2: Open 1 internet browser eg Chrome, Mozilla

Step 3: Log on to this URL:

Step 4: Press “BEGIN TEST” to start the speed test.

Step 5: Repeat at least 3 times to get the average speed.

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